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2015 Annual Shareholder Minutes


A Non-profit Company

P.O. Box 11

Tooele, Utah 84074-0011


Annual Shareholders’ Meeting Minutes     7:00 p.m. Nov. 10, 2015         Erda Fire Station

Present: Rob Adams, Gerald Brockbank, Kati Bromley, Rick and Elly Chaplin, Alan Clark, Allan and Marion Deware, Elke Ewell, Charleen Garrett, Diane Hernandez, Tom Isom, Blanche Smith, Brian Townley, Damen Young.



  1.                    Call to Order: 7:03 pm by Alan Clark
  2.                 Ascertain Presence of a Quorum: Present
  3.              Proof of Notice of Meeting: Mailed on 10/27/2015.
  4.              Approve Minutes from 2014 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting: Elly made motion to approve minutes. Gerald seconded. Vote unanimous.
  5.                 President’s Report: Alan Clark

It has been a good year for the Company. We are strong financially. We have reserves and the system is in good shape. We currently have 210 shareholders, two new developments with eleven of the thirteen total homes in England Estates built and six homes in Field of Dreams.

Our infrastructure is in good shape with maintenance items completed every year. The generator at Campbell well is being looked at and the booster system and power supply batteries will be fixed soon. Water tests have been good with the exception of one test that came back positive for coliform which is an indicator test, but negative for E. coli. All follow up testing was negative

We currently have four operators. If there is anyone interested in becoming an operator there are opportunities to get training locally or at the water conference in St. George in the spring. The water company will pay for certification and training. We are getting large enough that we will need a part time operator in the near future.

We have a good Board that keep me on my toes and ask good questions. We will vote on the presidency after this meeting and if I am to be elected as President again, I will only be able to do one year.

There are two developments that are in the process of working on agreements with the Company and one significant project that we would like the shareholders to vote on that is not included in the budget for next year. We will vote on this after Blanche presents the budget.

Any questions? No questions.

  1.              Treasurer’s Report and Presentation of 2015-16 Budget

Blanche reviewed our assets and expenditures from last year. She included a line to track reimbursements. Correction to line 5020: budget should read $27,000 for loan payment. All the professional expenses under line 5040 were reimbursed by developers. Supplies in line 5300 were higher than expected because we had to replace Blanche’s printer.

Blanche then presented the budget for this coming year. All the assets listed were from August because that’s when she started working on the budget. We’ve budgeted for 12 new connections for the year but will probably pass that. We’ve increased the project budget to $30,000.


            Are hook-up/contract fees collected every time a house sells? No. They are a one-time thing. The developer pays the contract fee and the hook-up fee is collected at closing.

            Is everyone paying their water bills? When an account is 90 days overdue we send a shut off notice. If the bill is not paid by the date on that notice, the water will be shut off and locked and the county is notified. The county may require them to vacate a home without water. They would then have to pay what is owed as well as a shut-off fee.

Payments can now be made by credit card on our website.

            Once we register on the website, can we get our bills online? Not at this time, but it is something we would like to move toward in the future. The system we use to do the billing and meter reading is different from the website.

Rob made motion to accept budget. Damon  seconded. Vote unanimous.

  1.           Loop Project Approval: Alan

There is a subdivision of 28 lots at the end of Cochrane, Clover Blossom, that is currently working on agreements with our company. They will be taking a line from Field of Dreams on Cochrane road to Church road and then beyond for the development. This is a good opportunity to complete our loop from Cochrane to Autumn Cove on Church Road. We currently have two dead end arms on the system that makes it difficult to make repairs to these lines and keep the homes with water. If we connect these arms down Church road, it will improve the fire flow for these sections of the company and is the best practice for the water company. It would cost about $107,000, but we would bid it out. I would like to get the approval from the shareholders to put a 10 inch line, once the line is in for Clover Blossom, from Cochrane lane to Autumn cove. Questions?

            Would our pumps handle this? We are at about 210 connections now and the hydraulic model shows our system can support about 500 connections. Right now we only run our pumps one at a time every couple of days. We can run both pumps at the same time if needed.

            Any possibilities the new homeowners coming on could pay more for this line? We will look to get reimbursed for all of it with new developments connecting to the company. It would be the developers paying for it, not the shareholders.

            When would we do this? Hopefully within this next year but it will depend on when Clover Blossom puts in their line. We would  plan to do it at the same time.

Elly made a motion to approve to have the loop completed with a budget of $110,000. Rob seconded. Vote unanimous.

  1.        Other Business
  2.              Election of Directors:
  3.        Position held by Alan Clark – 2 year
  4.       Position held by Tom Isom – 2 year
  5.        Position held by Gerald Brockbank – 2 year
  6.       Position held by Rick Chaplin – 2 year
  7.        Position held by Rob Adams – 2 year
  8.        Position held by Celeste Skelley-1 year

Blanche made motion to nominate Rob, Tom and Gerald for two year terms and Alan for the 1 year term. Elly seconded. Brian made motion to cease nomination for those four positions. Elly seconded. Vote unanimous. Marion nominated Elke for a two year term. Tom made motions to cease nominations. Elly seconded. Vote unanimous. One position remains vacant.

  1.                 Adjourn: Brian made motion to adjourn at 8:17 pm. Blanche seconded. Vote unanimous.